The following software is assumed to run on your target machine:

  • Bash shell.

  • Python3.8 or higher for the Python submit scripts.

  • Slurm to submit the Slurm job scripts. If you run the scripts on another HPC cluster than Palma2 or Bagheera, you need to modify the parts of the job scripts where the cluster name is checked. This is done in the bash/load_*.sh files.

  • Any software that is evoked in the Slurm job scripts you want to run.


No installation required, simply clone (or download) the project to any location on your target machine:

git clone

If you like, you can make the Python submit scripts executable with chmod u+x path/to/the/ and add them to your ${PATH} variable. Then you can simply call the scripts directly instead of having to type python3 path/to/the/

To get the latest changes, simply do

cd path/to/hpc_submit_scripts
git pull

or re-download the project repository (if you don’t use Git).

After cloning or pulling the repository, you may want to change the default settings using a Configuration File. For example, you may want to set the default for the --mail-user option of sbatch to your mail address.

Development Installation

See the Development Installation section in the Developer’s Guide.


Simply remove the project directory:

rm -r path/to/hpc_submit_scripts