Configuration File

You can set default options for the Python submit scripts and for the sbatch command in a configuration file called hpcssrc.ini.

Search Paths

The config file is read by the submit script at run time through the function opthandler.read_config(). This function searches for the config file in the following order at the following locations:

  1. In the current working directory.

  2. At $HOME/.hpcss/hpcssrc.ini (where $HOME is the user’s home directory).

  3. In the root directory of the hpc_submit_scripts repository.

As soon as a config file is found, this config file is read and other locations are not scanned anymore.

Config File Syntax

The config file must be written in INI language as supported by the built-in configparser Python module.


Don’t use quotation marks in option values unless you explicitly want them to be part of the option value.

Differences to the default behavior of configparser:

  • The only values that are interpreted as booleans are true and false. yes/no and on/off are read as strings.

  • Option names are case-sensitive.

  • Section names are case-insensitive and leading and trailing spaces are removed.

Config Sections

Which sections are recognized by which submit script is stated in the “Config File” section of each script right below the “Options” section.


  • Options in [submit*] sections are parsed to Python submit scripts.

  • Options in [sbatch*] sections are parsed to sbatch.

  • Options in [*.simulation*] subsections are only read by Python scripts that submit simulations.

  • Options in [*.analysis*] subsections are only read by Python scripts that submit analysis tasks.

Options in lower-level sections ([section.subsection.subsubsection…]) overwrite same options in higher-level sections.

Config Options

Basically, arbitrary option names and values are allowed. However, the Python submit scripts only read those options that exactly match their command-line option names and check their values for validity.

All options listed in [sbatch*] sections are parsed to sbatch. If one of these options is unknown to sbatch or has an invalid value, sbatch will raise an error.